Bad Man

The sun was going down on the city
And the streets were ready to burst
I was headed down to my local spot
With some cash and a frustrated thirst
I sat down and I order a double
The bartender said we ain’t looking for trouble
Tonight understand
You’re a bad man

I was wearing a beat up old flannel
This girl said, hey nice shirt
I detected a hit of sarcasm
So I smiled and we started to flirt
I could tell right away she was a little insecure
To get that dress down off of her
Was the real plan
I’m a bad man

I said, this bar is killing me
Why don’t we just get out of here
She said, well ok but first
Let me make something perfectly clear
I’m a good girl I think you can tell.
And I knew I was headed straight down to hell
As I took her hand
I’m a bad man

We walked in through my front door
And I kindly took her coat
I said, we can play monopoly or scrabble
Hell, we can even play tic tac toe
But then I dimmed the lights and I turned on the radio
I searched the dial till I found a real slow
I’m a bad man

Then I curled up around her like a snake
That’s getting ready to constrict
Like any prey would do she immediately
Broke out into a fit
She said, there’s not a chance in this old world
Tell me exactly what kind of girl
Do you think I am
You’re a bad man

The sun is getting out of bed
And the streets are getting soft
I lay down turn the TV on
Then I get up and turn it back off
When it’s early in the morning and the night is still breathing
My heart starts to cry and I get the feeling
I’m dammed
In my head the angles and the demons are fighting
I can’t decide which ones are writing
My plan
And the only thing left is my self-reproach
My family, my friends, and the rest of you folks
Just don’t understand
I’m a bad man
I’m a bad man
I’m a bad man
I’m a bad man

~ Written by Dan Baker