The sun is sinking low, I’m getting ready to go
Down to Joe’s tiki Bar this evening
I put my silk shirt on, a purple cummerbund
And a rat tail tie straight and even
But when it comes time for picking out my trousers
The only style up to the task
Is my snake skin gleaming, buck wheat pleaded
Fabulous corduroy pants

I head out into the night the streets are strange and quiet
All except for Charlie who is barking
I try to light a cigarette but the wind is screaming
And my Zippo just won’t start talking
I hope I meet a lady maybe just a girl
Maybe with a drink in her hand
I got twenty seven dollars and a japanezezy holler
Tucked away in these corduroy pants

Blue jeans and kakis
Jams and joggers
None of which I seem to enjoy
When the moon starts coughing
There just aint no stopping
It’s got to be corduroy

The joint is jumping the bands playing something
Every note cries desperate passion
Eyes are shifting shadows are drifting
I sit down and order an old fashion
A lady much older leans up on my shoulder
She says hey man you want to dance
I says on one condition and you had better listen
Don’t you touch my corduroy pants
Keep your hands off of these
Corduroy pants
Stay the hell away from these
Corduroy pants

~ Written by Dan Baker