God Might Be Crazy

He wasted youth on the young
Good looks on the dumb
And he gives all the riches to the useless and the lazy
But he works in mysterious ways
So it makes it kind of hard to say
But I heavily suspect that God just might be crazy

He invented the pleasures of skin
Then he called those pleasures a sin
He says the road to damnation is paved with desire and lust
For me that’s a pretty hard sell
That making love is gona send me to hell
So I’ve made up my mind that god is certifiably nuts

As I rummage through the attic of time
I’m amazed at the clues that I find
There’s war in the corner and prejudice at the top of the steps
Some believe they control their own fate
And god is just a dealer in the game
Well it’s a down right shame he’s not playing with a full deck

Last night while lost in a dream
The angels they started to sing
Their words rang true like a holy revelation
We’ll find a doctor who’s close to the end
Bury him with his pad and his pen
And say, find out his condition, write him a prescription, because
God needs medication

~ Written by Dan Baker