Live Like A Dog

I wake up in the morning
Before the light of the sun
And it’s long after dark
Before I am done
My dog Chester
He stays at the house
He watches TV
And he sleeps on the couch
Sometimes I wish
That we could change places
He could pay rent
And I could lick faces
He could do the cleaning
And he could work the job
And I could live easy
Just like a dog

Eating mud, sniffing buts
Sleeping all day in the yard
Scratching itches, chasing bitches
Sticking my head out the car
Some would live fast
Just like a cheetah
Some would hide
Just like a ground hog
Some would be strong as an ox
Or crazy like a fox
As for me
I’d live like a dog

I ain’t kissed a girl
Since I don’t know when
But Chester he’s got
A million girl friends
We go out on Saturdays
Down to the park
All the poodles come running
When they hear his bark
I don’t know his secret
But he’s got some good luck
Cause he’s big a house
And he licks his own butt
He smells like the sewer
But he’s still a heartthrob
Man I wish I could live
Just like a dog

~ Written by Dan Baker