Sad Song Junkie

I’m searching for a song
But it’s taking all night long
A tune to ease my aching head
I go up and down the dial
But nothing suits my style
My radio is as good as dead
I need something slow, strong, and sweet
A melody strange and blue
Yea I’ve come to grips
I can finally admit
I’m a sad song junkie it’s true

All the pain in my heart
I found a way to let it go
I just turned the key
And I let the blues
Save my soul

Now some of you might say
Brighten up your day
Clap your hands, move your feet
I’m really not the sort
It seams like such a bore
I need more than just some funky beat
It’s got to be harsh, ugly, and real
With nothing to hide or prove
It’s got to be darker than night
And cut just like a knife
Cause I’m a sad song junkie it’s true
I’m a sad song junkie it’s true

~ Written by Dan Baker