I hang my sorrow on a dusting broom
I swallow my grief with a wooden spoon
Valeri Valeri
Don’t you put that shit on me
Cause I do suffer
I do suffer

No I didn’t cry when your goldfish died
I don’t get upset when you run off and hide
And I don’t care if there ain’t no god
Though you might find it odd
I do suffer
I do suffer

I dance like a chicken and cry like a mule
I’ll just get out and walk if I run out of fuel
And it ain’t true honey what you think
Even though I never make a stink
I do suffer
I do suffer

I suffer in the dead of night
The way I feel just ain’t right
Dread catches me
Holds me down
Baby you can’t see

This old world is a mystery
I just leave it alone it don’t bother me
We are young we are old
Some are dirt some are gold
I do suffer
I do suffer

You say I’m cold and uneducated
I just don’t see the point in getting all agitated
The sun comes up and the sun goes down
The world keeps a spinning round
I do suffer
I do suffer

I suffer here where I lay
And the break of dawn is miles away
Shadows dance on my wall
Ain’t no light
Gonna kill em all

~ Written by Dan Baker