I remember when I was free
Drifting along on a breeze
Take what I wanted didn’t have to say please
Pretty please

I remember you came in strong
You knocked me out it didn’t take long
You turned my breeze into a stone
You turned me on

Now I’m surrounded
I’m surrounded
Up in the stars, I can’t see far
I’m blinded in your clouds
I’m surrounded
Out in your moonlight
I hope I never get out

For me now it’s to late
Your walls are high there’s no escape
And even if I could I might hesitate
I just might stay

Because I’m surrounded
I’m surrounded
Lost out at sea, I can’t swim free
Your current is taking me down
I’m surrounded
Out in your deep end
I hope I never get out

Yea I’m surrounded
I’m surrounded
In this foreign land, you take my hand
There’s no telling where we are bound
I’m surrounded
Out in this new world
I hope I never get out

~ Written by Dan Baker