Traffic Jam

Our love is a traffic jam
There’s no way out
We can’t go forward
The road is narrow
We can’t even turn around
We should of checked a map
And taken the long road instead
But we were in a hurry
And now there’s trouble up ahead
Everywhere I look the way is blocked
We’re stuck here
Think I’ll get out and walk

Our love is a traffic jam
We’re sitting still
I keep thinking
We’ll start moving
After every hill
We had different destinations
How could we not of known
Now we’re too far-gone
We’ll never find our way home
We’re here getting nowhere fast
The engines dying
I’m running out of gas

You wanted to take the wheel
Have control for a little while
Honey, I know just how you feel
But sharing the road
Was never quite my style

Our love is a traffic jam
We’re wasting time
Let’s abandon ship
You go your way
And baby, I’ll go mine
And if we ever meet again
On a bus or a midnight train
Just pretend that you don’t see me
And I’ll pretend to do the same
I’m pulling over and I’m getting out
It’s been a long time
I’m gona try a different route

~ Written by Dan Baker