Untraveled Road

They sent me off to a war over seas
My woman was begging me darling don’t leave
My kids they were crying stay with us please
I stood at the tracks
I hung my head low
As the train came in
I turned around slow
I tried to smile
As I waved good by
It started to rain
And I started to cry
I waited for the whistle to blow
Fear is an untraveld road

There in the desert the sun could be cruel
We were stationed at the airport transporting fuel
And were going out that night if the orders came through
The hours poured on
Thicker than honey
We passed our time drinking beer
And playing rummy
Out on the horizon
Machine gun fire
Flames rising up
Higher and higher
And you could feel the heat in your bones
Fear is an untraveld road

Here on the front line I hope I die quick
I stare at the stars as I lie in this ditch
A bullet tears through me o god I am hit
Dawn starts crying
On this foreign land
I hold tight a picture
Of my wife in my hand
I cry out in anger
Sorrow and pain
I bow my head
As I start to pray
Good lord carry me home
Fear is an untraveld road

She puts down her apron there’s a knock at the door
Her heart skips a beat like a thousand times before
She peaks through the window then drops to the floor
It happens everyday
Another broken home
Another broken family
Another name carved in stone
She gives up her husband
And all she gets back
Is a nice shiny medal
And an American flag
And a burden to heavy to hold
Fear is an untraveld road

~ Written by Dan Baker